Tia KIM,  a Korean native global citizen, aka Creative Director and Founder of Tia Korea, launched her brand in 2016 and opened the first store in Hong Kong as a single expatriate woman. She is a former international  Luxury and Jewelry brand professional for more than 15 years and has exceptionally extensive global experience in North/South America, Europe, and Across Asia.   

Tia's questions- that became her brand notion- has been originated from her past professions as a Director in a luxury jewelry house.    And that was- " Why there are only existing high-end brand that is too expensive for an ordinary woman or the fast fashioned jewelry which is far from decency?

"What if I invent something completely new other than these 2 conventional types of brands?"

Tia's blueprint has been realized by launching TIA KOREA, which is "THE NICHE" Jewelry brand embracing Only the Best elements from BOTH Luxury and Fast fashion in 2016. Tia's confidence in her brand made her choose Hong Kong as the first market where is world's most competitive jewelry business is going on. 

"To create very specific and design-oriented pieces with Artisan craftsmanship and limited quantities only, which is the Luxury and highly Collectible. AND To introduce new collection on a monthly basis with very attractive price points, which is the strength of the Fast fashion element"

Soon, this disruptive concept got immediately positive responses upon launching the brand and Tia's Jewelry are be loved by numerous VIPs; Hong Kong celebrities such as Lily HO, Janice MAN,  and Global beauty Peagent winner Sophia NG, and many Korean celebrities named hard to count. 

"We are the brand that is NOT following micro trend and Cliche, but we are creating our own experimental yet elegant designs with high-end craftsmanship completely made in South Korea. 

Besides Tia's international exposure, the experimental and elegant pieces are mainly inspired by her artistic background as a professional level of Classical Piano, a writer of Chinese calligraphy, a Passionate student of the history, and a Love for an art piece.

The most valuable in our Jewelry business is to make our clients happy and satisfied as precious women. As we are all precious and a gift from heaven.

Tia Korea is currently operating a store in Hong Kong, stock listed in South Korea, Paris, and Finland, and planning to expand to the USA.